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CLM-232XX-XX 19" Economic Wallmount Rack

Cost-effective 19" wallmount Rack with glass door and removable sides

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  • 19" Industrial Equipments
  • ANSI/EIA-RS-310C/D
  • Sheet Steel
  • No flat package
  • Powder coating for RoHS compliant
  • UL/CE certification
  • Black & Beige for color selections


  • Applications for networking, communication & monitoring system.
  • With 19" industrial standard, such as ANSI/EIA-RS-310C/D.
  • The assemblied rack in a package will save more time in installations.
  • One piece of the main frame, including a roof, a rear and bottom panels.
  • Two additional entries on the roof and plinth are good for the cable management.
  • An optional cooling system set on the roof or the bottom helps whole system cooler.
  • Design of the roof & the plinth for easily assemblied & dismantled.
  • Temperated on the door can keep security of the system and convenient to monitor the conditon without opening the door.
  • Powder coating for RoHS compliant .
  • Black & Beige for color selections .
Width Depth H(mm) H(U) Model No.
600mm 200mm 241.8 4U CLM23220-04CB
600mm 200mm 330.7 6U CLM23220-06CB
600mm 200mm 464.05 9U CLM23220-09CB
600mm 200mm 597.4 12U CLM23220-12CB
600mm 200mm 730.75 15U CLM23220-15CB
600mm 200mm 864.1 18U CLM23220-18CB
600mm 200mm 997.45 21U CLM23220-21CB
600mm 250mm 241.8 4U CLM23225-04CB
600mm 250mm 330.7 6U CLM23225-06CB
600mm 250mm 464.05 9U CLM23225-09CB
600mm 250mm 597.4 12U CLM23225-12CB
600mm 250mm 730.75 15U CLM23225-15CB
600mm 250mm 864.1 18U CLM23225-18CB
600mm 250mm 997.45 21U CLM23225-21CB
600mm 300mm 241.8 4U CLM23230-04CB
600mm 300mm 330.7 6U CLM23230-06CB
600mm 300mm 464.05 9U CLM23230-09CB
600mm 300mm 597.4 12U CLM23230-12CB
600mm 300mm 730.75 15U CLM23230-15CB
600mm 300mm 864.1 18U CLM23230-18CB
600mm 300mm 997.45 21U CLM23230-21CB
600mm 350mm 241.8 4U CLM23235-04CB
600mm 350mm 330.7 6U CLM23235-06CB
600mm 350mm 464.05 9U CLM23235-09CB
600mm 350mm 597.4 12U CLM23235-12CB
600mm 350mm 730.75 15U CLM23235-15CB
600mm 350mm 864.1 18U CLM23235-18CB
600mm 350mm 997.45 21U CLM23235-21CB
600mm 400mm 241.8 4U CLM23240-04CB
600mm 400mm 330.7 6U CLM23240-06CB
600mm 400mm 464.05 9U CLM23240-09CB
600mm 400mm 597.4 12U CLM23240-12CB
600mm 400mm 730.75 15U CLM23240-15CB
600mm 400mm 864.1 18U CLM23240-18CB
600mm 400mm 997.45 21U CLM23240-21CB
600mm 500mm 241.8 4U CLM23250-04CB
600mm 500mm 330.7 6U CLM23250-06CB
600mm 500mm 464.05 9U CLM23250-09CB
600mm 500mm 597.4 12U CLM23250-12CB
600mm 500mm 730.75 15U CLM23250-15CB
600mm 500mm 864.1 18U CLM23250-18CB
600mm 500mm 997.45 21U CLM23250-21CB
600mm 600mm 241.8 4U CLM23260-04CB
600mm 600mm 330.7 6U CLM23260-06CB
600mm 600mm 464.05 9U CLM23260-09CB
600mm 600mm 597.4 12U CLM23260-12CB
600mm 600mm 730.75 15U CLM23260-15CB
600mm 600mm 864.1 18U CLM23260-18CB
600mm 600mm 997.45 21U CLM23260-21CB

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